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April 2018 Archives

Statistics link daydreaming to car accidents

Although regulations are in force for penalizing those who use cell phones while driving cars in California, governmental agencies do not seem to recognize statistics about daydreamers who cause accidents. A national database dedicated to studying statistics related to car crashes discovered that an astounding 61 percent of distracted driving car crashes relate to daydreaming. Meditation and deep thinking are not activities worth pondering while driving a car. People who think about other things while driving could be a major threat to others on the road.

College Scholarships

There are many online resources to help begin the college scholarship process. Simply search college scholarships. However, beware, the number of scholarships available may overwhelmed you. The key is to first, narrow down the opportunities to a list of scholarships which apply to your strengths and interests.  Next, create a well-reasoned, well-written and informative scholarship essay.

How autonomous car programming might be improved

California is one of the states where testing of autonomous vehicles has been occurring, but according to one professor, there is a flaw in the way these vehicles learn to drive. He says that self-driving cars should not be taught to drive like humans because they then make the same errors that humans do.

Helping Clients Recover From the Devastating Effects of Sexual Assault or Abuse

Victims of sexual assault or abuse can suffer a lifetime of emotional and physical damages.  Oftentimes, the criminal justice system lets these victims down by failing to prosecute the sex offenders or failing to obtain a conviction against these offenders. Many sexual assault incidents are not prosecuted because of the difficulty of overcoming the burden of proof required by the criminal justice system. Civil sexual assault cases have a lower burden of proof, which may allow victims to recover damages and to hold the defendants liable for their wrongful acts even if the defendants are never criminally prosecuted. This is where an experienced civil attorney can step in to achieve justice for the victims by prosecuting a civil claim against the perpetrator(s) which may be found liable for money damages. The legal issues in a civil trial for sexual assault and battery are, whether the assault occurred, whether there was consent and the damages.

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